Real estate law

Preparation of sales and purchase agreements, stamp duty optimization, legal consultation
Real estate law

Our law firm in debrecen takes pride in providing fast, reliable, flexible, and full-scope services for our clients facing real estate legal issues. Real estate-related legal services constitute one of the focal areas of expertise within our legal practice.

How can we assist in real estate legal matters?
  • Drafting various agreements such as sales contracts, gift contracts, contributions, contracts related to transformation due to corporate restructuring, exchange agreements, and lease agreements for both private and business sectors.
  • Calculating the stamp duty and tax obligations related to specific legal transactions.
  • Providing advice on the amount of tax payable after the sale of real estate or whether any tax payment is required.
  • Drafting lease agreements, usufruct rights, purchase rights, mortgage rights, rights of repurchase, encumbrance and alienation restrictions, establishment, as well as maintenance and life annuity contracts.
  • Conducting legal proceedings for construction projects.
  • Drafting founding deeds of condominiums, deed of condominium regulations, planning, contractor, investment, technical supervisory agreements, project financing, bank loan agreements, etc.
  • Drafting contracts such as sales, land consolidation, and donation agreements.
  • Handling procedures related to auctions, nfk (nfa) contract reviews, litigation, and non-litigation proceedings.
  • Handling litigation and non-litigation proceedings.
  • Full-scope management and coordination of property transactions, proceedings related to asset management.
  • Drafting and reviewing asset management contracts.
  • Handling issues related to property rights, termination of co-ownership, condominium, usufruct, easement, real estate registration, adverse possession cases, eviction lawsuits, possession lawsuits, etc.
  • Providing complete representation before land registry offices.
  • If any signing party is a business entity, conducting comprehensive legal due diligence and risk assessment.
  • Providing information and advice on utilizing csok.
  • Legal consultation on csok repayment.
  • In property transactions involving bank loans or csok, maintaining communication with the relevant financial institution and authorities for precise transaction completion.

If you require assistance with your real estate matters, we welcome your inquiry. Our team is ready to provide comprehensive legal support for all your real estate needs.

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